76 Names Found in Luc Sante’s Low Life: Lures and Snares of Old New York, In No Particular Order

Hon. Fernando Wood, N.Y - NARA - 529874

  1. Sadakichi Hartmann
  2. Fernando Wood
  3. Junius Brutus Booth
  4. Edward C.Z. “Buntline” Judson
  5. Diamond Jim Brady
  6. Baby-Face Willie
  7. Colly Cibber
  8. Laloo the East Indian Enigma
  9. Jo-Jo the Dog Faced Boy
  10. Gallus Mag
  11. Owney Geoghegan
  12. Charles Solomon aka Silver Dollar Smith
  13. Slippery Johnny Leipzinger
  14. Cross-Eyed Murphy
  15. Mustache Ike Witkoski
  16. Big Feet Louie Gorden
  17. Stitch McCarthy aka Samuel Rothberg
  18. Blonde Madge Davenport
  19. Big Mame
  20. Swipes the Newsboy
  21. Scotchy Lavelle
  22. Chinatown Nellie
  23. Gin Buck
  24. Eddie the Plague
  25. Johnny Basketball
  26. Commodore Dutch
  27. Louie (the Lump) Piaggi
  28. Chick Tricker
  29. Harry Hamburger
  30. Monk Eastman
  31. Johnny Spanish
  32. John “Old Smoke” Morrissey
  33. Christ Tracy
  34. Larry the Lug
  35. Limehouse Chappie
  36. Herman “Beansy” Rosenthal
  37. Gyp the Blood
  38. Red Light Lizzie
  39. Hester Jane Haskins aka Jane the Grabber
  40. Shang Allen
  41. Hell-Cat Maggie
  42. Slobbery Jim
  43. Patsy the Barber
  44. Sow Madden
  45. Cowlegged Sam McCarthy
  46. Skinner Meehan
  47. Hop-Along Peter
  48. Kid Shanahan
  49. Kid Twist
  50. Kid Jigger
  51. Kid Twist
  52. Kid Glove Rosey
  53. Pugsey Hurley
  54. Wreck Donovan
  55. Tom the Mick
  56. Beany Kane
  57. Piggy Noles
  58. Wild Bill Lovett
  59. Banjo Pete Emerson
  60. Ephraim “Old” Snow
  61. George Washington Dixon
  62. George Washington Plunkitt
  63. Marm Mandelbaum
  64. Dr. Jakob Rosenzweig aka the Hackensack Mad Monster
  65. Annie Walden the Man-Killing Race-Track Girl
  66. Hoggy Walsh
  67. Slops Connolly
  68. Googy Corcoran
  69. Goo Goo Knox
  70. Baboon Dooley
  71. Red Rocks Farrell
  72. Pretty Kitty McGown
  73. Eat-’em-up Jack McManus
  74. Stumpy Malarkey
  75. Rubber Shaw
  76. One Lung Curran

[Top: Photo of Fernando Wood; Image Credit: Wikipedia]

2 thoughts on “76 Names Found in Luc Sante’s Low Life: Lures and Snares of Old New York, In No Particular Order

    • It’s a great read! Really interesting stuff about all of the shadiness going on in Manhattan in the 19th century. All of the little details (like the names!) only make it better.

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