One Sentence Reviews of Things I Watched On Netflix During Sandy and Her Aftermath

The Last Enemy

The Last Enemy

I am lucky enough to live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where we did not lose power at all during Hurricane/Superstorm/Tropical Storm Sandy. For the better part of last week, I was tucked in on my cozy couch in my cozy apartment with all of the entertainment I could ever want at my fingertips. I read all of the articles on the internet. I saw a good deal of Sandy coverage. I caught up on my DVR. But I would say that mostly I just watched A LOT of Netflix. Here are some short reviews of the things I remember watching on Netflix since last Sunday:

1. Undeclared (series): To be fair, I started watching this before last Sunday but I finished it on Sunday and it was way sharper and funnier than I expected and I hope that Jason Segel starts playing creeps again because he is the best at it.

2. The Last Enemy (2 episodes): Though it stars everyone’s favorite actor and person, Benedict Cumberbatch, I was not impressed by this Masterpiece Contemporary miniseries.

3. The Inbetweeners (seasons 1 & 2): We’ve all seen approximately four thousand high school comedies but this one felt satisfyingly different in that it was constantly cringe-inducing, not at all sentimental and made me laugh very, very hard.

4. Children of the Corn (the second ½ of the movie): My roommates were watching this when I returned from an outing on Tuesday night and I was very relieved that it wasn’t actually that scary, though I’ll admit I spent most of the time trying to read the Wikipedia synopsis so that I could catch up on the action.

5. Woody Allen: A Documentary: I was expecting to be disappointed but this totally inspired me and reminded me of the many things I love about the films of Woody Allen.

6. Being Elmo: Well, I cried during the first five minutes of this documentary about Elmo’s puppeteer, and then pretty much off and on through the rest of the movie but I swear that it is GREAT!

7. For the Bible Tells Me So: Watching this made me feel very white New York liberal, which is how I would feel watching anything if I had any self-awareness.

8. El Bulli: Only got through about half of this as watching a subtitled documentary about molecular gastronomy without my glasses while trying to get work done is like, super difficult.

9. Archer (season 2): The Wee Baby Seamus, Archer’s struggle with breast cancer, the introduction of Cheryl’s ocelot, the return of Barry – I still enjoyed all of these things upon maybe my fourth viewing of this season of Archer.

10. Forks Over Knives (5 minutes): Too depressed after five minutes of hearing how fucked America is to get any further.

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