Every Celebrity Crush I’ve Ever Had


Since it’s February now, we’re all obviously thinking about Valentine’s Day. (I am, at least, though that’s probably because I’m anticipating my second annual Valentine’s Day Party, and I’m in the throes of crafting decorations and planning which heart-shaped treats to make.) I was thinking I’d write some love-themed things leading up to February 14th, but I’ve kind of chickened out/just haven’t been able to think of much to write. HOWEVER, I did make a list of every “celebrity” crush I’ve ever had (minus a few I forgot) in a sort of chronological order in terms of when I had a thing for them. I think there was a time when I stopped crushing on fictional characters and started crushing on real people, though sometimes I went back to crushing on fictional characters. (Even though if you think about it, all crushes are fictional characters. Right?) Anyway, I’m sorry about this/this is it (with links to pictures where it was appropriate or I felt like it):

Prince Charming
Prince Eric
Maxwell Smart
Tony Micelli
Uncle Jesse
Brad Taylor
Shawn Hunter
Keanu Reeves (Speed)
– Matthew Perry (Friends)
– Hanson (the two younger ones)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Angels in the Outfield)
Paul Rudd (Clueless)
– Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek)
– Probably a Backstreet Boy
– Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting)
– Ben Affleck (post-Good Will Hunting)
– Viggo Mortensen (A Perfect Murder)
– Michael Douglas (A Perfect Murder but also, Romancing the Stone?)
– Gwyneth Paltrow (A Perfect Murder but also, Shakespeare in Love)
Ryan Philippe (Cruel Intentions)
Chris Klein (Election)
– Jerry O’Connell (Um, I dunno why)
– Hugh Grant (About a Boy)
– Ewan MacGregor (Moulin Rouge)
Young Neil Young
– Olivier Martinez (Unfaithful)
– Julian Casablancas
– Jennifer Connelly (Requiem for a Dream)
– The Cast of The Royal Tenenbaums
– Seth Cohen
– Dr. McDreamy
– Paul Banks
– Kings of Leon (the entire band, um, before they were famous)
Younger Woody Allen
– Adrien Brody
– Rachel Weisz
Simon Woods (Rome & Pride and Prejudice & Cranford)
– Alec Baldwin
– Paul Rudd (again)
– Jason Siegel
Tim Riggins
– Jon Hamm
– Dominic West
Richard Armitage (North & South)
– Mark Ruffalo
Mr. Fox
Michael Fassbender
Cousin Matthew
Michael Fassbender
– Louis C.K.
Michael Fassbender

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