A Thing That Happened Over the Weekend: An Early Valentine’s Day

This weekend, in honor of St. Valentine’s Day, my roommates and I decorated our apartment like so:

photo (41)

(The original idea was to use only heart cards but we got kind of lazy. We hung a bunch of hearts from the middle of the chandelier, though!)

Then we had a party. (The 2nd Annual Valentine’s Day Party/1st Annual Semi-Formal Valentine’s Day Party.) We served snacks like these sugar cookies (I used Martha Stewart’s recipe):

photo (42)

I also made some raspberry brownies from this recipe I found on Epicurious and my pal Julia kindly brought a beautiful and very delicious red velvet cake which I’m both happy and sad to report was utterly destroyed by people eating with it their hands as the night progressed.

We danced until very early in the morning, first to some songs that were on-theme, and then to some songs that maybe were not. I’m pretty sure a lot of fun – possibly too much fun? – was had by all or at least most. A very big thank you to everyone who came out to party even though it was so, so snowy and an even bigger thank you to our neighbors for not calling the police!

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