This Weekend Needed More R. Kelly Masks

On Friday, I was thinking about what I might write about on Monday. I had hoped I’d be writing a post today about how weird it was to attend an International R. Kelly Day party on Friday night. (This post would have been accompanied by plenty of photos of me wearing an R. Kelly mask.) But it turns out that the party wasn’t that weird. And there was a serious dearth of masks. It was just like going to an uncomfortably crowded bar that  happened to be playing an R. Kelly playlist just loudly enough that you could just hear what song was on. Actually, that’s exactly what it was like.

I did manage to have fun. I got to hang out with a few of my favorite people and there were plenty of drinks involved. HOWEVER, I realized toward the end of the evening that I didn’t get  to hear “Slow Wind”, which was the thing I was most looking forward to that evening because it’s the most important collaboration (between R. Kelly, Sean Paul and Akon) of our time, so I asked one of the bartenders if he could put it on again. (If you want something, ask for it. Amirite, ladies?) He said no. VERY rudely. Actually, he ranted at me about how he was sick of R. Kelly and he had played him all night and now he just wanted to listen to something else. So then I asked for my check and went home. Not really because I was mad, but more because I was tired and had been drinking since like 5.

The rest of the weekend was so normal that I can tell you about it in just a few sentences because I think writing any more about it would be cruel to me and to you. It was full of brunching and TV watching and a little partying. Yesterday, I realized the sun was still out at 6:30 because of Daylight Saving Time and that the day was not yet over so I went out to the grocery store and bought a bunch of ingredients for dinner and ended up making this Pasta with Broccoli Rabe and Sausage for me and my roommates. Then I watched TV until 11 but did not go to sleep until, ugh, very late and I had a few horrible dreams so today I’m in a bad mood and I’m sorry that these few paragraphs are about so little.

photo (58)

just for fun, a photo of our roomie dinner

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