In the Emergency Room and Some Other Stuff That Happened This Week

Well, guys, it has really been A WEEK. In two senses. 1) It has literally been a week since I last posted. 2) This week was kind of horrible. (I mean, some good stuff happened but some bad stuff also happened.)


I’ve had some really heavy things on my mind, I guess, since Sunday, which I’m not sure I want to write about yet. I hate being vague but I thought that I should mention it because it was part of why this week was so tough. But yeah, on top of that, I’ve been really busy, so I’ve been feeling drained and unable to write at all until today. And now, I’m not sure if I’m really sick or still exhausted!


Anyway, here’s a “quick” rundown of stuff that’s happened since last Thursday:

Jessie Ware at Webster Hall

Jessie Ware at Webster Hall


Friday night, I went to see Jessie Ware at Webster Hall. She was amazing. MTV streamed the concert live. You can watch some videos from the night here.


On Saturday, I literally do not remember what I did except like nurse a hangover and run errands until, somehow, I went out to dinner at Paulie Gee’s and then for drinks at, um, more than one bar in Greenpoint.


Mom at the Brooklyn Flea

Mom at the Brooklyn Flea

My mom drove down to Brooklyn on Sunday and we had a really nice brunch at Sweetwater in Williamsburg and then headed over to the Brooklyn Flea, which was slightly less nice, since it was really crowded and windy. After she left, I hung out in my apartment and finished Dear Life by Alice Munro. (I recommend it!) Then, I went to meet up with my new writers’ group in Manhattan for a goal-setting session. Now I have a list of things that I want to accomplish in the coming months, which is great but kind of terrifying in that I actually need to write things rather than talk about writing them.


I got home that night just in time to participate in a TV-viewing marathon. We watched the sixth season premiere of Mad Men and the second episode of this season of Game of Thrones. I love these two shows, but it’s not easy watching them one after the other. I ended up not sleeping much that night.


On Monday, I got out of the subway, already late for work, and saw that I had a missed call and a voicemail from my mom. This always worries me. And I was already anxious. I called her back and she told me that my dad got hit by a bike or a scooter or something, she wasn’t sure, on the corner by his office. He was in an ambulance going to Roosevelt Hospital. To make a long story less long, I ended up in the St. Luke’s-Roosevelt emergency room about 30 minutes later, waiting with my dad to get his first set of x-rays. It turned out that his shoulder had been dislocated and fractured because I cyclist had run into him and a woman on a Razor scooter in a crosswalk. (The Razor scooter detail is probably my favorite of the entire story because, REALLY, you were riding a Razor scooter in midtown Manhattan?)


He was in a lot of pain, which was not fun to see. Also not fun to see? Everything that goes on in an emergency room.


Here’s a list of cool things that happened in the ER:

– I got really freaked out walking by the Resuscitation Room and almost had a panic attack before I even saw my dad;

– My dad referred to his doctor as “Doogie Howser”, which was a very obvious thing to call him because he looked really young, but it was still funny;

– I got really freaked out again seeing an intoxicated woman come in on a stretcher at like, 11 AM;

– My dad got wheeled to the x-ray room by a dude who had a tattoo of a huge wolf on his hand with “LONE WOLF” written on a scroll-type thing above it. He kept making jokes about me beating up my dad, which I kept having to fake-laugh at. This man was also very interested in what Tenth of December, which I’d just started reading for my book club, was about.;

– My dad told a nurse that he was going to murder everyone if they didn’t put his shoulder back in since it seriously took them four hours to get around to even trying;

– They had to put my dad under with whatever drug killed Michael Jackson and this occurred roughly 5.5 hours after he had arrived in the ER;

– The guy in the “room” (curtained-off section?) next to my dad started pitching a fit because he wanted to leave but he didn’t want to take out his IV. So, he started screaming that his nurse was “a fat, ugly bitch” and that he didn’t want to see her. Then, he started throwing things out of the room. And got in a fight with several doctors. And had to be escorted out by the police. All while screaming profanities;

– The x-ray technician re-dislocated my dad’s shoulder after they had put him under to put it back in so they had to do the whole thing all over again.

I left around 4 to go back to the office. I found out later that my dad didn’t get to leave until around like, 7? (My brother got there before I left to bring him home.) So this was all very fun.

Fleetwood Mac at MSG from the Nosebleeds

Fleetwood Mac at MSG from the Nosebleeds

That night, I went to see Fleetwood Mac at Madison Square Garden with my friend Lee. We had been looking forward to it for months but, honestly, I didn’t really feel like going at that point. But, I still managed to have fun! It was worth going just to see Stevie Nicks twirling around on stage.

I was very busy with other life things until Thursday, when I was still busy but started feeling sick and more exhausted than I had been previously . (I don’t think I felt like I had energy at any point during the week.) HOWEVER, I had another concert to go to that evening that I had been looking forward to for a while. So, I got myself together and went out.

Marnie Stern at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Marnie Stern at Music Hall of Williamsburg

I saw Marnie Stern at Music Hall of Williamsburg with my friend Bailey, who I’m very lucky was available to join me at the last minute. (I still hate going to shows alone.) This is the third time I’ve seen her in the past few years and it was just as fun this time as it had been in the past. Before the concert, I’d felt pretty good when we were at a bar and grabbing a bite to eat. But by the time the concert was over, I was just ready to collapse.

So, by yesterday afternoon, I felt truly terrible. I’d woken up early to see my therapist before work and I guess we’d gotten our wires crossed because, while I was ringing the buzzer at her office for 20 minutes, she was on a plane somewhere. I went to the office early, which ended up being a good thing because I really did need to get a headstart on all I had to do that day. (Getting in before everyone else is really good for me in terms of getting focused. And obviously I do that rarely.) But I was really, really beat by 3 and couldn’t think about anything other than how sick I felt.

Somehow, I managed to stay until an acceptable leaving hour. Once home, I got into my pajamas and drank some orange-carrot juice – I have literally had juice on its own and not in a cocktail like three times in the past three years – and put on Adventure Time, which I watched until I fell asleep at the grannyish hour of 9:30 PM.

I woke up at 10 AM and now, here I am, typing at a coffee shop, still feeling kind of shitty but I have to write three pages by tomorrow’s writer’s group and I guess I’m writing this blog post to avoid doing that. If you’ve actually made it through this entire, boring account of my week, congratulations and I thank you very much! Please don’t stop reading because I promise I’ll post some more…interesting things this coming week.

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