In Brief: Mike Leigh’s Naked

I went to a screening of the 1993 Mike Leigh film Naked last night at the IFC Center. (It was part of this series.) Watching it was like having a two-hour long anxiety attack. Or actually, I think I had a two-hour long anxiety attack while watching it. The misogynism and violence in the film were enough to make me feel super uncomfortable. And then there was the cynicism and intense discomfort of the main character – played brilliantly by David Thewlis –  that I felt very acutely. His outlook on the world and the affect it had on the other characters in the film – I almost wrote ‘play’, because everything was very theatrical – was disturbing. I’m still trying to process everything now, but I do think I’m glad I saw Naked. Even though I felt insane for hours afterward and had trouble falling asleep. And even though about two-thirds of the way through, these two drunk girls sat next to us in the theater and whispered and hysterically laughed through the rest of the movie like fucking assholes.

But yeah, it’s on Netflix! Watch it! (If you’re in the mood.)

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