In Brief: Switched at Birth

Last Saturday, I experienced a feeling of despair that strikes approximately every three weeks. I thought that I had run out of television shows to watch on Netflix.* But just when I decided that I should pick up a new book and read for my entertainment that day, I remembered that a friend had recently told me to watch Switched at Birth. And then I remembered reading this Emily Nussbaum piece on the show last year, which was mostly positive and had accompanying artwork that stuck with me for some reason. And so, that’s how I ended up getting sucked into the show’s first season. While I wouldn’t say it’s great or anything — it still has a lot of the elements that make teen dramas so, um, teen-ish — it is much better than what I would expect from a show called Switched at Birth. (I know, I’m pretty sure this is everyone’s opinion of this show.)

I’m currently about halfway through the first season’s THIRTY episodes, so I don’t have too long before I suffer my next TV-watching crisis. Are there any other shows out there that I’m ignoring that I should be watching right now?

*Just in case you were worried about me, I do have plenty of television shows to watch on other “platforms”, but Netflix-watching is preferred when I’m performing another activity, like folding laundry or alphabetizing my bookshelf.

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