Town & Country Ten: August 2013

Town & Country, I’ve missed thee. Luckily, you were waiting for me at home when I returned from my summer vacation.


Without further ado, here are ten things – I am trying not to be too judgmental these days so that’s all I’ll say for now, that they are just things – that I found in this month’s issue of Town & Country:

1. One Will Graves of Winter Park, FL laments the exclusion of his family from the T&C 50 Great Families Who Rule America now in the Inbox (Letters to the Editor). His “famously quiet Phipps family” was on the cover of Time in the 1960s, is related to Winston Churchill, “bailed out Miami repeatedly during the Depression, owned a third of Palm Beach and most of West Palm Beach” and “backed Amelia Earhart”. I’d like to say this was a tacky move, but we all know that there’s nothing tacky in T&C.

2. Suggested fact to drop to brighten up dinner conversation this month: “Did you know you can fly directly to Burning Man in a private helicopter?”

3. According to T&C, “history is filled with tales of those who missed the boat, sold too early, or just didn’t know a good opportunity when they saw one.” For example, Ali Fedotowsky “jumped ship” to be on The Bachelorette, while Mark Zuckerberg “struck it rich” at Facebook. She did lose her shares, but I don’t think this is a fair comparison.

4. “But the recent watch fairs in Switzerland ushered in more minimalist times.”

5. T&C is “Just Asking…”: “Should your mother go to Coachella? #MOMSNIGHTOUT” (You can tweet your answers to @TANDCMAG).

6. In this month’s Manners & Misdemeanors, Bruce McCall writes about entering the New York magazine publishing world as a high school dropout back in the day: “Everybody knew that everybody connected with the ‘smart’ magazines came from old money; went to Harvard, or at least Yale; summered on the Cape; married a deb; recited Horace while playing squash; and mixed with literary royalty at chic parties in Manhattan penthouses.” I haven’t recited Horace or played squash in a while, but I’d happily pick up those hobbies again if doing them simultaneously would get me a job at the New Yorker.

7. The Armie Hammer cover story. It is unbearable. (To be fair, it’s unbearable in the sense that I want everything that he and his wife have: extremely good looks, a lot of money, and an adorable bakery.)

8. In “Money For Nothing”, part of the T&C Inheritance Guide, the editors cover Ogden Mills “Dinny” Phipps’ winning the Kentucky Derby this year with his horse Orb. (See #1).

9. There’s an actually good piece about creative retreats that has revitalized my dream of one day going to Yaddo.

10. “KATE EXPECTATIONS”, the speculative piece about the Duchess of Cambridge’s new role in the royal family now that she is a mother, muses that “it may take a commoner to sew the royal family back together”. Anyway, they included a lot of little pictures of baby things that are, ya know, fit for a prince and also super adorable.

11. BONUS: Honestly, just purchase this issue for the spread on p. 100-101, picturing two sisters in the ballroom of historic Charleston house “attired for after-school pursuits” of fencing and riding, which I’m framing and hanging in my living room.

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