My Queue Is A Curious Thing

Currently, there are 71 items in my Netflix queue. Though my queue was a very important part of my Netflix experience back when I had DVD service, I find that I use it less and less now that I’m only a simple streaming customer. Actually, I almost never use it unless I am very bored and not interested in whatever Netflix suggests to me on the main page. Yet I still add things to my queue occasionally. I took a look at it recently and decided to categorize what I want to watch, much like Netflix categorizes the things that I might like to watch.




Films That Everyone Has Seen That Have Been Lingering on My Queue For At Least Two Years, Which Means I Will Probably Never Watch Them in My Lifetime

Being John Malkovich
The Hours
Midnight Cowboy

Recent (Well, Let’s Say Post-1995) French Films

Blame It on Fidel
Goodbye, First Love
Happily Ever After
The Hedgehog
The Intouchables
The Kid With a Bike*
Monsieur Lazhar
The Piano Teacher
Romantics Anonymous
Water Lilies

Recent Non-French Foreign Films

Bread and Tulips
Oslo, August 31st

Classic, Mostly Foreign, Films

8 1/2
A Woman Is a Woman
The Bicycle Thief
His Girl Friday

British Miniseries Based On Classic Novels

The Buccaneers**
Great Expectations
Mansfield Park
The Mystery of Edwin Drood

British Films Based On Classic Novels

Cold Comfort Farm
Enchanted April

Mostly British Films or Miniseries About Detectives and/or Murder

George Gently
Ripper Street
The Snowtown Murders

British Films to Watch When I Run Out of Other British Films and Television

Nowhere Boy

Irish Stuff That I Almost Lumped in With the British Stuff (Before I Thought Better of It)

Albert Nobbs
My Left Foot
The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Films Starring Ryan Gosling

All Good Things
Blue Valentine
Lars and the Real Girl

Confused Young-ish Women

Dirty Girl
Kissing Jessica Stein
Sleeping Beauty
Slums of Beverly Hills
Valley of the Dolls
Young Adult

Indie Dramas (Plus One Comedy and One Sci-Fi Film) That I Can’t Seem to Specifically Categorize

Jeff, Who Lives at Home
Helena From the Wedding
Me and You and Everyone We Know
The Messenger
Upstream Color

My Friend Told Me to Watch This

Holy Motors
Let the Right One In (Swedish)

The Only Music Documentaries I Didn’t Watch During My Very Intense ‘Music Doc’ Phase

Classic Albums: Fleetwood Mac: Rumours
Neil Young: Heart of Gold
Who Is Harry Nilsson
You’re Gonna Miss Me

General Documentaries That I Have Never Been/Will Never Be in the Mood to Watch

The Comedians of Comedy: The Movie
Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement
How to Survive a Plague
Last Train Home
Stephen Fry in America

Ken Burns Joints

Ken Burns: The Dust Bowl
Ken Burns: Prohibition


A Late Quartet
White Chicks


I still have some desire to watch all of these…I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. (Well, I actually have gotten around to some of them. I realized that I’ve seen a few of these already.) Also, I’d like to point out the reason that there are so many foreign films on this list: I actually have to concentrate for a decent period of time while watching them, because I need to read the subtitles. Even the French ones. (My French abilities are abysmal these days.)

Does anybody still use their queue on a regular basis? I’m afraid it’s just become a place I send films/shows to linger until they’re almost expired, when I feel bad and watch them in a rush like I did with Broadway Danny Rose last weekend.

*Actually, this is Belgian but…it’s in French.
**Based on an American novel but produced by the BBC and also similar to most non-detective BBC/Masterpiece miniseries.

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