Five Things I Liked This Week

I feel like I can’t remember anything I’ve done during the past month-ish. It’s all a blur. I was mentally making a list of all of the things I liked during that time, but I seem to have forgotten it. So. Here we are.

I think these are five things I liked this week. Some of these are not new? I don’t know.


1. Dirtbag Anne of Green Gables (The Toast)

Mallory Ortberg is a perfect human and so are all of her teenage dirtbags.


2. “2 On” – Tinashe ft. Schoolboy Q



3. “Seeing The ‘Game of Thrones’ Cast As Normal Humans Is Still Completely Mesmerizing” and “25 Things They Altered For TV In ‘Game of Thrones’ That Will Change the Way You Watch It” (Buzzfeed)


4. FACT mix 430: Slowdive

A lot of good reminders on here of songs and artists I’ve loved (and still love).



5. “Back in the Day” by John Jeremiah Sullivan (GQ)

I was reminded not once but twice  this week of this essay on Michael Jackson, which is so wonderful. (I’m honestly considering rereading Pulphead today.)

One thought on “Five Things I Liked This Week

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