Another Green World

On Friday, I posted five things I liked from last week. One of those things, a FACT mix from British shoegaze band Slowdive, was published a month ago and included mostly decades-old songs that have inspired them. One of my favorite tracks on the mix was their former collaborator Brian Eno’s “The Big Ship” from his 1975 album Another Green World.



I should have listened to Another Green World a long time ago. I think, perhaps, I did listen to it once or twice, when I was methodically listening to “great” albums from the 1970s a while back. But that was an overwhelming process that left me with little appreciation for more than a few albums. I instead collected the tracks I liked and created a giant 1970s playlist that I listened to for the better part of a year. A few Eno albums were represented on that playlist – tracks from Here Come the Warm Jets and Before and After Science stick out in my mind – but not Another Green World.

I decided to give Another Green World another shot last week. I don’t know if “giving it another shot” is really the proper phrasing to use, because it’s not like I was dreading listening to it or anything. It’s more that I feel sometimes that it’s “too late” for me to get into certain music. I’m glad I didn’t let that hold me back, though, because I’ve listened to this album over and over again for days.



Another Green World is Eno’s first big foray into ambient electronic music, but there are still a few great pop songs on here. My favorites – for now, at least – would be “St. Elmo’s Fire” and “Golden Hours.” But I don’t find that I’m playing the pop songs or the few songs that have lyrics on repeat, as I’d probably tend to do with other mostly instrumental albums. I’m enjoying the experience of listening to the album as a whole. It feels like the perfect soundtrack not only for this transitional season, but also for this period in my life, which I believe I’ve described as “transitional” more than once during the past few weeks. So it seems that it wasn’t too late for me to get into Another Green World. It’s exactly the right time.

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