Five Things I Liked This Week

Another week has passed and my summer of doing pretty much nothing continues to be delightful, in case you were wondering. I pass the time by reading things on the internet, thinking about researching for a thing that I want to write, making playlists that mostly have the same songs on them, and checking my horoscope constantly. I can’t say that I’m unhappy about this? I’m going to have to find some motivation soon, but for now this feels chill.

While I read a lot of stuff I liked this week, I picked these five to share with you (mostly because I saved them on Instapaper):

1. “The Down and Dirty History of TMZ” by Anne Helen Petersen (Buzzfeed)

2. “Why I Have to Be So ‘Rude’” by Jia Tolentino (The Hairpin)

3. “The Jenny Lewis Experience” by Jeff Himmelman (The New York Times)

4. “Grandmas Rise Up Against Millenials’ ‘Grandma’ Lifestyle” by Cathy Lew (The New Yorker)

5. “‘Jesus Loves Winners’: How ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Found Cult Success As A Flop” by Louis Peitzman (Buzzfeed)

And while I’m telling you what to read, let me urge you to check out this thing I wrote for my friend Sarah’s project, Ten to Life, last week!


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