Things I Liked This Week

I got sorta tripped up while writing an essay yesterday, so there will be no real writing from me this week. But never fear! I’ve put together a big ol’ list of other stuff you can read:

“A Blackbird in the Hand: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Kate Bush” by Iain Cook (TheTalkhouse)

“‘Not to Put Too Fine a Point On It’: How Dickens Helped Shape the Lexicon” by Ben Zimmer (

“Who Killed Adulthood?” by Sady Doyle (In These Times)

“Europe’s Anti-Semitism Comes Out of the Shadows” by Jim Yardley (New York Times

“Hunting For the Source of the World’s Most Beguiling Folk Music” by Amanda Petrusich (New York Times Magazine)

“Who Is Su” by Dan P. Lee (New York Magazine)

“A Cockroach Crawled On My Face And I’ll Never Be The Same” by Joanna Borns (Buzzfeed)

“The End of the Mitford Sisters” by Michelle Dean (Gawker Review of Books)

“The Last Amazon” by Jill Lepore (The New Yorker)

“An Unlikely Ballerina” by Rivka Galchen (The New Yorker)

Until next week or whatever…

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