When Will Change Come

It’s only been a few days, but I think I’ve finally recovered from getting caught in the rain last week. I’m no longer carrying my umbrella with me everywhere – just in case – though maybe I should be, considering how many surprise showers we’ve had so far this spring. (In New York, at least.) When it does rain, I like nothing better than to listen to “rainy day music.” For me, rainy day music tends toward songs of the twee variety. I like to feel cozy when it’s raining out. But I also listen to songs that are lush and cinematic, spare and sad, and emotionally charged. Mostly songs that I’d like to soundtrack my life.

I made a playlist a long (long, long) time ago that I still find perfect for this in-between season. “Spring Rain” by The Go-Betweens is, as you might guess by the title, the most obvious song of the bunch. It also pops into my head just about any time someone says the words “spring” and “rain” in the same sentence, which happens roughly between five and 100 times a day, depending on the weather.

If you’d like to listen, here is the whole playlist. It features Broadcast, The Clientele, Camera Obscura, My Bloody Valentine, and a whole slew of others.

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