Seeing Old Friends Is Nice, I Think + Other Super Deep Thoughts, Probably

Last night I was at a bar, the kind of bar with lasers and throngs of sweaty people flailing and spilling their drinks and screaming at the top of their lungs to pop songs. Not my usual scene, as you can imagine, but one that I’m not unfamiliar with. I was there to celebrate my friend Sara’s bachelorette party. I wore mardi gras beads and drank gin and tonics and blew a penis whistle a few times. Sometime around when Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” came on, I looked around at the group of people I was with and realized I’ve known many of them for close to a decade. And I’ve probably danced and scream-sang Whitney Houston with all of them at one time or another during that time. And that is a really nice thing.

Today I am in a rare mood where I feel like being earnest. I got to see people I’ve known for a long time (but don’t see often) several times during the past week and I’m just really happy about it.

This started on Wednesday, when I had dinner with my brother Jim and my sister Tori, who I don’t get to hang out with (just the three of us) all that often, even though we live in the same city. While hanging out at the bar with them after dinner, I ran into people from a few different life stages – grammar school, high school, my first job. It was a bit surreal but I guess sort of an omen(-ish thing) of what was to come this weekend.

I went to a fundraiser cocktail party on Friday at the Bowery Hotel to benefit Elizabeth’s Hope. I knew in advance that I’d see many, many people I’d grown up with there and I felt a certain amount of anxiety about that. But my sister and her friends helped to plan the event. And I feel strongly about the cause. So I went. And yeah, I had more than a few moments where I locked eyes with someone I knew or recognized and then didn’t say hi to them because seeing people from high school surfaces literally every insecurity I have. But I also – with the aid of approximately 867 cocktails – got to catch up with old friends, parents of old friends, a few former enemies, and a teacher or two. Oh, and my parents, who I think had a better time than I did. It certainly wasn’t the same as hanging out with my usual crew, but the novelty of the event made it interesting and memorable and a lot of fun.

Even though I had a particularly vicious hangover yesterday, I managed to do some writing in the afternoon, get myself ready to go out and then actually go out again to do some bachelorette partying, which is another thing I don’t do very often. I’ll see everyone again in three weeks at the wedding, but it was nice all the same to have a night of dancing and silliness that reminded me both of sorority events and my early post-college days in New York. (The excess of penis paraphernalia made last night a little bit different, but still.)

So. I’m not sure what’s going on cosmically that made this week as odd but satisfying as it was, but I hope it continues for a little while longer.

Scenes From a Bachelorette Weekend

I attended my friend Katherine’s bachelorette  party in Miami this past weekend (from Thursday to Sunday). Really writing about it just feels…inappropriate, so instead, here are some photos of a mostly non-scandalous nature.


This should give you an idea of what the weather was like all weekend.


photo (60)

This should give you an idea of what the bride looked like all weekend. (Happy!)


photo (61)


Festive beer koozies for the poolside.

photo (62)


The view from my poolside lounging spot.


photo (63)


Up in the club, etc. (Not pictured: the party bus that we took there.)


I didn’t get the “clubbing outfit” memo.


With the lovely bride.


photo (64)


At the beach on Key Biscayne.

photo (65)


The scene at the beach.

photo (66)

I wish I had taken my camera while I walked down the beach because there was a beautiful view of Miami but…I didn’t so I had to take this photo from the car on the way back.


photo (67)


We played a few games. This poster was part of one.


photo (68)


This piñata was part of another.

photo (69)


And this is how we all felt the next day, on our way home. (Like the garbage on Howard Beach, where I got on the subway.)

How I Spent My First Weekend After Summer Unofficially Ended

I’ve been very into doing things lately. By which I mean, if I’m presented with the option of having an experience versus like, staying home on a Friday night and watching documentaries on Netflix, I’m trying to choose the experiences. And I think that I did a pretty good job of doing things this weekend, or at least enjoying the things that I was doing.

On Friday night, I went to not one but two shows. I saw Cymbals Eat Guitars and Bob Mould first at Williamsburg Park. It was free and also very good! I was definitely looking forward to the show and Bob Mould’s performance didn’t disappoint. He played the entirety of the Sugar album Copper Blue, as well as some stuff from his new album Silver Age and some crowd-pleasing stuff from the Hüsker Dü era. (Here’s a link to his great Letterman performance from last week.)

After grabbing dinner, my roommate and I went to Cake Shop at a friend’s invitation to check out an all-girl Japanese band called The Suzan. Despite being in a basement that smelled like a frat and feeling a little rough due to horking down an enormous burrito just before we got there, I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time they were on stage. The entire crowd went from being skeptical to joyously dancing in just a few songs. (I mean, how could one not when confronted with four Japanese girls with the hippest haircuts and dramatic makeup ecstatically playing instruments?) I haven’t felt that much positive energy in a long time.

banana bread

I woke up early – at 11 – on Saturday to get preparations started for our housewarming party. Before 3 PM, I had baked banana bread (from Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for “Jacked-Up Banana Bread”) and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with coconuts and dried cranberries (my own spin on my favorite recipe of all time, The Silver Palate Cookbook’s oatmeal raisin cookies). After that, I rearranged the furniture in my room with the help of one of my roommates and finally hung things on the wall. There is nothing like having a party to make you get all of your shit together. So now, after being in this apartment for a little over a month, I really feel at home!

the coziest corner of my room

Our party was definitely a success (I think!) – lots of good people and good food (and drinks)! And it ended only after all of the guests had left with a roommates-only dance party. I hope our neighbors enjoy R. Kelly in the (early) morning.

I got myself up early again – at 11 – on Sunday and even though I was barely functioning, I managed to make a frittata with spinach, onion, chicken sausage and parmesan. I ate it while catching up on the disappointing new BBC America show, Copper. And then I watched Drive which did not jive with me as well during the daytime as it has when I’ve watched it at night. Also, it was beautiful out and I felt bad about sitting inside and watching TV for so long so I ended up grabbing some iced coffee and just walking around Greenpoint for ages, which was delightful but sort of lonely. I was a bit tired out when I got home and had settled in to watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi when my friend Lexie called to tell me she was in my neighborhood. We caught the tail end of the Brooklyn Flea at the East River Waterfront, which was an excellent idea because the late afternoon was even more gorgeous than earlier in the day. It was a good end to a good weekend – and I’m looking forward to more like this one this fall.

(FYI, my weekend truly ended with watching Bachelorette on demand on Sunday night, which I now want to watch over and over again for the rest of my life. Lizzy Caplan + Adam Scott Forever!)