Town & Country Ten: June/July 2013



Uh, sorry for the delay on this one! I usually like to recap Town & Country as soon as I take it out of my mailbox, but I’ve been pretty busy lately. But it probably doesn’t matter, as there won’t be a new issue until mid-July.

Anyway, here are ten things – in no particular order – that I found to be…noteworthy from this month’s issue:

1. Jay Fielden, in his Editor’s Letter, talks about reading Heart of Darkness while aboard the Jungle Cruise at Disney World.

2. An entire page dedicated to gold jewelry that would look good worn at the beach.

3. The blurb about a guy who gave up his real estate job to make furniture from “reclaimed whiskey and wine barrels”. Must be nice.

4. The two engagements announced, side by side: In Miami, “LeBron James, known as King James to friends and subjects alike, proposed to his queen (an high school sweetheart), Savannah Brinson, back on New Year’s Eve 2011.” And in Luxembourg, “HRH Prince Felix of Luxembourg is engaged to heiress Claire Lademacher”.

5. From Dwight Garner’s Manners & Misdemeanors contribution on the state of table manners and service: “I like unfussy food and rustic decor: taxidermy, vintage farmhouse tables. Admiring these things doesn’t mean you have to admire rustic behavior.” Burn?

6. Deborah Harry is the featured Cancer in this month’s Horoscopes.

7. The description of Lauren Hutton as “a gap-toothed wackadoodle” in the profile “Lauren Rides Again”.

8. “Superiority Complex”, an article about the glory days – and decline – of Time Inc., where I worked for two and a half years. (I also interned on “the apogee of the apogee”, the 34th floor, for one summer during college.)

9. The photo of a needlepoint pillow that says “IF I CANNOT SMOKE CIGARS IN HEAVEN THEN I SHALL NOT GO!”. (It’s part of an article about Palm Beach society fixture Joe Dryer and his house. I’ve come to expect at least one article about an elderly Palm Beacher each month, so let me say now that I’ll be disappointed if the next issue doesn’t deliver.)

10. Cover line: “HAWAII’S SEXIEST SECRET: BIKINI ISLAND”. The fashion editorial is more tasteful than you’d expect.