I Remember What You Do On Christmas

I’m really excited for Bully’s debut album, Feels Like, to come out next month. I’ve been feeling the single “I Remember,” a song that I think nails the memory flood that happens after a breakup and how good it can feel to get it all out.

Here’s the recent video for “I Remember”:

I equally love “Trying”:


For more girls and guitars – I’m pretty partial to female-fronted rock bands – here’s a Spotify playlist I’ve been adding to over the last few months. There are a lot of songs on there I’ve been into over the last year or I’ve rediscovered for one reason or another. If you follow it, you can see when I add more.

New Music: Angel Olsen

On Friday, I included Angel Olsen’s new song “White Fire” in my list of favorite things from last week. Now I would like to take this opportunity to strongly encourage all of you to listen to her new album, Burn Your Fire For No Witness, which is streaming on NPR. I think I can say that this album is my favorite of the year so far. I mean, there hasn’t been that much of “the year” yet, so it’s pretty easy for me to say something like this on February 10th. But…I think it’s very good. Just listen to it.

And if you like it, buy the album. It comes out on February 18th.

Here is the video for “Hi-Five”:

And also, her recent NPR Tiny Desk concert (the first one of these I’ve actually watched all the way through in a while?):