Friday Roundup: In Like A Lamb?




Happy Friday! And Happy March! (Today is rather lamb-ish for March 1st in NYC, hence today’s post’s accompanying photo.)

Some stuff I liked reading this week:

I’m a very big fan HBO’s endangered comedy Enlightened right now. Every episode in this – the second season – has been truly impressive and I think that the entire series will impact me as a writer for a long time to come. Two pieces on Enlightened I really enjoyed this week:
1) “Enlightened is TV’s best show right now – and it needs more viewers” (AV Club)
2) “Why We Need Enlightened” (The Awl)

I talked about my Carnivale fandom last week. Here’s another piece on how great that show was, this time from The Awl.

I’m finally “catching up” on my New Yorkers, which means I just read most of last week’s. I really enjoyed this profile on the playwright Annie Baker. (Article is subscription-only online.) I made myself struggle through the article on Spain’s economic collapse. This article is also subscription only, but here’s a link to a photo slideshow illustrating what a mess Spain is right now. And I haven’t finished this one yet because I got sleepy last night, but this piece on Gerard Depardieu seems very promising, if only for the awesome photo of him riding a motorbike in a tank top.

Just for fun, here is Splitsider’s “The Annotated Wisdom of Louis C.K.” (Do they write about anything else?)

There was also some good stuff on Stereogum this week, including this thing on “The Return of the Postal Service and Why 2013 Should Be the New 2003”. (I’m definitely hoping that 2013 turns out to be the next 2003.) Also, I was prompted to start listening to Rilo Kiley again because they did a 10 Best Rilo Kiley Songs countdown. (Pretty sure I’ll be purchasing RKives next month.) Finally, there was this very chill Kurt Vile interview. I’m really into his forthcoming album’s single, which I’m conveniently posting here:

Friday Roundup

Oh man! This week. It was a short week, but a long week. And a cold week. I don’t even remember what I did this week, other than eat everything edible that I encountered and read the following things:

The Rules of the Game: A Century of Hollywood Publicity (The Virginia Quarterly Review)

Anne Helene Petersen – who writes Scandals of Classic Hollywood for The Hairpin, which I very much enjoy – explores the evolution of Hollywood publicity. (If you read this and then fall into the deep, dark hole of Wikipedia articles about old Hollywood stars, call me. I had a similar experience.)

Family Full of Pretty Good Skiiers (The New York Times)
Reading this made me think about how it’s probably every yuppie parent’s dream to have a brood of athletic (or whatever, really) phenoms and at least one person is going to read this article and move their family to a remote compound where they practice fencing for hours on end, expecting results and success without realizing that they’re going to be unfulfilled by living vicariously through their children and also pretty disappointed when at least one of their kids sucks. Anyway, it seems that ‘the Skiing Cochranes’ happened pretty accidentally and that’s cool.

Why You Never Leave High School (New York Magazine)
Haha! So this is why I felt really emotional while listening to Rilo Kiley’s The Execution of All Things? (I don’t feel like I have to justify it – the act of listening to The Execution of All Things – but the reason I did is that I read about someone having a tattoo of the cover, which I now wish I had thought of doing while I was a teenager.)

How Lives Begin (The Awl)
Read this. I thought it was neat.

The McDonald’s at the Center of the World (The Awl)

This is fun. And really made me regret not getting a McHomard while I was on my food tour of Montreal.

And finally, OMG, I don’t even care if this is a duet and it’s for someone else’s album, a new song featuring Joanna Newsom: