Friday Reads: Stuff I Read That I Liked This Week

Around the internet:

– Edith Zimmerman on Joseph Kennedy III (The New York Times): From this weekend’s Magazine.

– “A Teenager Tries to Make the Best of Hosting Her Middle-Ages Party at the Same Time as Her Older Brother’s Lacrosse Team’s Kegger” (McSweeney’s)

– “After the End of Men” (The Awl): What happens when men disappear.

– Michael Lewis on Barack Obama (Vanity Fair): Probably the best Obama profile I’ve read…maybe ever?

– “Is This Book Bad, or Is It Just Me? The Anatomy of Book Reviews” (The Millions)

– “The City That Pays For College” (The New York Times): Another New York Times Magazine article. This one’s about the city of Kalamazoo, MI’s Promise program.

– “The Land That Time and Money Forgot” (New York Magazine): Mark Jacobson writes about the current state of the New York City Housing Authority. (Actually, I read this one in print but it’s available online.)


Best European Fiction 2012 ed. by Aleksander Hemon: I’m probably 2/3 of the way done with the short stories in here and I’ll definitely write more about this later.

9 thoughts on “Friday Reads: Stuff I Read That I Liked This Week

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