Things I’d Rather Be Doing Today

hello kitty december

1. Baking so many kinds of cookies, but especially:

– Sugar cookies (Christmas cutouts) with royal frosting
– Minty chocolate cookies dusted with powdered sugar
– Linzer cookies

2. Sitting in front of a cozy fire with a book, preferably a fantasy novel, though I’d be open to other genres

3. Studying all of the German past tenses

4. Walking on a treadmill while reading The New Yorker

5. Finalizing my list of favorite 2013 songs

6. Crafting stuff (stuff TBD)

7. Participating in a hot dog eating contest, which isn’t seasonally appropriate, but is something I’ve always wanted to do

8. Listening to a every single volume of A Very Special Christmas

9. Drinking unlimited beer, but only as long as I’m guaranteed to not be hungover tomorrow

10. Hiding in a Christmas stocking full of gifts and candy, which is what the Hello Kitty on my December calendar page is doing

11. Watching Lilyhammer Season 2, which isn’t even available until tomorrow and isn’t even really that good, though I’ll admit that I watched the first season kind of quickly

12. Buying Christmas gifts for myself

13. Doing all of the crossword puzzles I’ve saved during the past six months

14. Singing (karaoke)

15. Watching my mom’s Zumba class

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