Onward to 2014

I began 2013 by writing about past New Year’s resolutions I’ve made and my resolution to not make any resolutions. I can tell you that in this first week of 2014, I feel good about not having made any resolutions last year. Sometimes, not having goals is a good thing. Particularly when you’re the type of person who overcommits to personal goals, often doesn’t complete tasks and then feels guilty about not completing those tasks. This year, I want to once again commit to nothing. Instead, I would just like to continue doing what I’m doing with more, um, intensity.



I want to write more, obviously, and be more serious about it.

I’d like to continue learning things that I want to learn, like German language, which was one of the New Year’s resolutions I failed to keep in 2012. Better late than never!

I want to read more widely and keep my book club going. (Actually, holler at me if you want to join a book club. It’s just ladies now but we are open to dudes.)

I want to master more baking skills. Like puff pastry. And bread. I have never made bread!

And – this is important – I’d like to continue to become a more confident, more independent, more thoughtful woman who is not afraid to express her opinions or be herself. Like, seriously. This kind of sincerity usually makes me rashy, but I think this is the right time for it.

Am I going to do all of this? I hope so. But if I don’t…Oh, well. The important thing is probably trying. I mean, no one’s obituary includes what they tried to do but I don’t think the meaning of a life can be found in a few sentences written after it’s over. I think that life’s meaning, if that is even a thing (not sure yet), is found in experiencing it.

So, on that note. Happy New Year! I wish you all many wonderful and meaningful experiences in the year to come.

and i leave you with this, the only photo i have of myself on new year's eve, in which i look very, very ready to take on 2014

and i leave you with this, the only photo i have of myself on new year’s eve, in which i look very, very ready to take on 2014



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