Somewhere On My Own: A Playlist

somewhere on my own

I started making this playlist a few weeks ago when it was snowing. It was going to be…a snow playlist, I guess. But then I started thinking about how January is always such a lonely month. Not in a bad way. I just find that, after the overwhelming togetherness of December and the holidays, I like to spend more of my time alone. So, this turned into more of a wintertime not-really-loneliness, more like alone-ness playlist. I don’t know. Listen to it. Just don’t put it on at a party or anything.

Somewhere On My Own


01 Vashti Bunyan, I Want To Be Alone
02 Julianna Barwick, One Half
03 Karen Dalton, Green Rocky Road
04 Neil Young, Sugar Mountain
05 Julie Doiron, Heavy Snow
06 Sharon Van Etten, A Crime
07 Galaxie 500, Ceremony
08 Sam Prekop, Something
09 Gram Parsons, $1000 Wedding
10 Grouper, Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping
11 Broadcast, Tears In The Typing Pool
12 Jessica Pratt, Casper
13 Atlas Sound, Shelia
14 Sibylle Baier, Tonight
15 Young Marble Giants, Salad Days
16 Camera Obscura, Books Written For Girls
17 Magnetic Fields, Busby Berkeley Dreams
18 The Langley Schools Music Project, Desperado
19 Connie Converse, Roving Woman
20 Grateful Dead, I’ve Been All Around This World
21 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Only In My Dreams


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